Sunday, 4 November 2018

IETF 103 hackathon remotely by – Day 1,2,3

Day 1:

We received a lot of goodies from wolfssl for the work Loky has done previously.

We continued our work on the Jsch deprecation of RC4, we have to compile the JSch.jar with example file to test if the SSH works while connecting to a remote server.

The best way to start working is to make a brainstorming to see where we are and what we have to do.

Together, several test were performed connecting to two type of server, one supporting RC4 and the other not.

We found proof of the existence of RC4 in the old ssh server while using Wireshark and analyzing the traffic.

Once we know everything is working fine and understand the library and the protocols.

Now our task is to remove RC4 support from the library. With a lot of debugging we found all the traces of RC4 and removed.


The next step is to re-compile the code with all the modification we made. As all developers knows while recompilation always leads to errors. But with some help of other team members we finally re-compiled the java library with ANT Apache.

The next step is to perform all the test we had done previously before we patched it.

The results was satisfactory as our newly Jsch library still working fine and while observing the traffic in wireshark we can no more see RC4 response from the host server.

The last step is to create a pull request and commit our changes to the main repository.

To sums up, it was an intensive and fruitful hackathon.

Great thanks to Logan and Nitin for having me in the team.


See you in my next blog.

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